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Capturing Emotions

At S R Kids Photography we capture Candid moments and is mostly taken without the kid being aware of it, producing amazing pictures. One of the beauties of this kind of photography is being able to catch someone in the act. Kids play as best models for candid shoots, as they portray great emotions. It adds life to the picture. Here we try and capture unplanned moments and emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears.

Baby photography

Babies grow up so fast, and we know how vital it is to capture those first precious months. We are there to capture your little one’s special personality. Baby photography requires a delicate approach and a warm, friendly attitude in order to create perfect baby portraits for couple to cherish for many years to come.

Family Photos

Of all the memories we all hold on to, the ones we never learn to let go of are those of our family. They are the people who are there from Day 1, there by our side through our cuts and bruises, trials and triumphs. But there comes a day when we have to be independent, stand on our own two feet and move out of the nest, either for studies or for work or to build our own family. Before leaving, why not make an awesome family moments...a moment we can cherish...


Kids love to have beautiful photos and always are excited to share them with their friend’s.They give beautiful expressions and want to be shot in most lovable way.

Maternity photography

We do maternity Photo shoots in the comfort of your home or outside. It’s wonderful for a couple to have a capture that truly shows what their life was like at the time their baby came to be a part of their family.  Adding to it taking that natural beauty of a woman who’s ready to bring new life into the world and placing her in the majesty of the great outdoors is simply breathtaking.

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We Customise

Coffee Mug, T-Shirt and Photo Book

We customise T-shirts, mugs or make Photo Books with pictures of your choice to make the shoot memorable for you. We do it in various sizes and of high quality. Please place your order through our email and we would be pleased to get back to you.

Coffee Mug


Photo Album